Index of Harri's Videos
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Virginia Lottery Commercial
Yahoo! Commercial
Comedy Central /
Quiznos Commercial
CNN Interview and Story about Harri
"What Would You Do" ABC-TV Series
New York Institute of Technology Commercial
"Remembering Susan"
"In the Bag" Audience Choice Winner in Reel13 contest
"Life of an Actress" Documentary about Harri and other NY actresses
How To Extend the Life Of Your iPod Battery
How To Deal With Peer Pressure
How To Appear Younger Than You Really Are
Resident to Resident Elder Mistreatment Training Video
Telecordia "Man in the Street" Promo
"American Bankster"
"The Visit"
Prince Spaghetti TV commercial:
2013 remake of the classic 1969 “Anthony! Anthony!” Prince Spaghetti TV ad
Celebrity Ghost Stories
Lifetime Movie Network
Joseph Bologna episode
MVP Health Care Commercial
Lead in
"Lobster Fra Divolo"
(Selection at 2015 Cannes Court Metrage Film Festival and other festivals. More details here)
Vita Coco Commercial
Long Term Delivery
Harri guest stars in "Blue Bloods" (CBS)
The Game of Things Commercial
Hack My Life